What should the future of teaching look like?

The teaching profession faces huge global challenges. The unprecedented situation we find ourselves in has necessitated changes to the way we view the role of the teacher and their status. From the relationship between home and in-school learning; the role of technology in education to the very nature and purpose of education.

Teachers and leaders should not face these challenges on their own.  This is an opportunity for the profession to work together in the spirit of collegiality, to be in the driving seat to shape their future and make a real ‘big change’ in the education system for the long term.

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The Education Exchange is an innovative, one-stop digital hub to support teachers in a changing world, free for all teachers internationally to sign up to and use. It will support global conversations about what matters in teaching and provide professional learning, opportunities for discussion and reflection and signposting to the best resources available around the world. Community contributions and submissions are reviewed and moderated by a Chartered College of Teaching group of staff and members.

The Education Exchange is developed by the Chartered College of Teachingthe professional body for teachers. We are working to celebrate, support and connect teachers to take pride in their profession and provide the best possible education for children and young people. We are dedicated to bridging the gap between practice and research and equipping teachers from the second they enter the classroom with the knowledge and confidence to make the best decisions for their pupils. 

By choosing to engage in our global education community, we hope you will benefit in a number of ways.

You will exchange experiences with teachers globally, feeling more connected to the profession.

You will engage in learning and interactions that enrich your teaching practice and philosophy.

You will share your own perspectives and be invited to be a part of wider consultations; feeling your voice has influence and is valued.

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Our community values guide our engagement and interaction.

Collegiality – Community participants value collegiality and collaboration. Diverse perspectives and contributions are respected and celebrated.

Voice – Community participants will be honest and generous with their experiences. The platform provides a place for teachers’ voices to be heard.

Equity – Community participants will respond to others’ perspectives rather than only sharing their own. Each individual is valued as part of the collective. No voice is more important than another.

This pioneering, global project has been made possible by Big Change. They back pioneering people and projects at the frontline of change, and unite a community of supporters to support them to achieve the greatest impact. Big Change wants to see a society where we work together to support all young people to thrive.

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