We’re keen that The Education Exchange gathers as many global perspectives on the 5 themes as possible. We encourage you to share your reflections with our community by submitting a written or video reflection on the theme that holds most relevance for your context. These submissions will be reviewed by the team every month and your content may get chosen for publication.

You can share your content in written or video format. 

From your engagement with The Education Exchange content and activities, share with us:

  • What has resonated with you?
  • What has challenged you?
  • What would you like to explore further?
  • What might you implement back in your context?
Alternatively, you may choose to answer one of these questions:
  • What is school for?
  • How can a community work together to support and develop pupils?
  • What is the role of online and digital learning in education?
  • How can we create learners for life?
  • What does effective professional learning look like?

The written reflection you submit should be 500-1000 words.

Click here for guidance about how to submit a video.