Become a Community Ambassador

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Community Ambassador for The Education Exchange community; an online space designed to connect educators globally around what matters in teaching. This information is designed to give you an insight into what we’re hoping to achieve with the project and how your role will fit into this. 

What is our vision for The Education Exchange?

Our vision is to build a global community that brings together educators’ perspectives, knowledge and experiences on what matters in teaching so that they can deliver the best possible outcomes to children and young people in their context and be connected to other educators, building expertise across the profession.

How will we achieve this vision?

We have built an online platform and we’ll be continuing its development so that it has high accessibility and usability. We have pre-populated the platform with articles and videos to encourage dialogue and learning. These also serve to represent the high quality we’d expect of community submissions. This content is accompanied by 4 other clear and simple ways for community members to engage. We will be promoting the platform to attract a global audience of educators.

How will we know we have achieved this vision?

We are measuring the initial growth of our community between July and October by measuring the platform use and social engagements. Platform use will be measured against industry standards. We have two core KPIs to get 50,000 page views during this time and get active community participants from 10 different countries. We’ll be analysing stats to determine the most useful content and activities across the site to inform future work on our platforms and learning opportunities for our members. Alongside this we’ll also be surveying users to ascertain their brand recognition of the Chartered College of Teaching.

How can you help us achieve this vision?

Community ambassadors will be essential for us growing an active and respectful global community. You will model the professional behaviours and interactions we’ll expect from other community members. We are aware that your contribution at this stage will be voluntary and as such, we are providing you full choice over how much time you’re able to offer and the nature of the activity you engage in.

What follows is a list of ways you can offer your time to the community, in the first instance between now and the end of October. Once you’ve selected the activity(ies) that are most suitable for you, your context and availability, please submit the form below and get started!


15-20 mins per week (or as often as possible) until the end of October.

Use your online and offline networks to promote educators using and joining the global community at The Education Exchange. Use the ideas at the bottom of the page to get you started.


Engage in discussion

30 – 45 mins per week (or as often as possible) until the end of October.

Select one of the 5 themes and begin by spending some time reading articles and watching videos. 

1 – Engage with any of the articles/videos you’ve read/watched by commenting directly underneath the piece of content.


2 – Engage with the key question posed by one of the 5 themes by posting in the relevant theme ‘Connect’ discussion space. This could be a brand new post, a reply to another community member, or both.

We’re looking for these comments to model engagement for other community members so they should reflect your experiences and perspectives and may also draw on knowledge and research, including that which exists on Impact and MyCollege.

Submit a reflection

2-3 hours

A one-off engagement that can occur between now and the end of October.

Spend some time reading articles and watching videos on a theme of your choice before submitting your own written or video reflection on the theme. This perspective piece would provide a model for other community members to engage. It will go through the same review process as all other submissions and our publishing team will be in touch with any feedback. See more details for your submission here.

Populate links

1 hour

A one-off engagement that can occur between now and the end of October.

Submit suitable links to practice and research related to one (or more) of our 5 themes to build our global collections. See details of link submission here. See links submitted already across all 5 themes here.

Provide feedback

30 mins

A one-off engagement  that can occur between now and the end of October.

Whilst we’d welcome feedback at any time via email ( as you use The Education Exchange, this specific activity involves a 30 minute video call where we watch you navigate the site and you provide comments on its features, accessibility and usability.

Prior to engagement

Prior to engagement, please make sure you have registered for an account on The Education Exchange. It would be even better if you could also upload a profile picture by navigating to your ‘My Account’ page when logged in. Pictures will help our community feel more inviting and friendly.


Take some time to browse each of the 5 themes and associated activities so you’re familiar with the platform and its possibilities.

If you selected the promotion activity

Newsletter or email

You might have a school or organisation newsletter you could include some promotion in or you might choose to send an email to some of your contacts:

The Education Exchange is an online global exchange of education research, experience and ideas to deliver the best possible outcomes to children and young people. Developed by the Chartered College of Teaching, The Education Exchange supports global conversations about what matters in teaching, promotes collaboration and provides the space for teachers to shape the #FutureOfTeaching

Join us to explore our five themes and the opportunities for you to share your perspectives with a global community of educators.

Personal email addition. We’d recommend personal emails to individuals wherever possible as these are likely to result in a more engaged new community member.

I think you’d be really interested in X theme so you might like to consider engaging in a discussion or sharing your perspective via a written or video submission. Create an account and get started.

You may have connections to individuals and organisations that you think would benefit from a direct contact from our team instead or in addition. Feel free to contact them and copy us in (, with their permission of course.

Social media

These are some post ideas you could use across any of your social media accounts to spread the word about The Education Exchange community. 

Today, I read this article by X – INSERT LINK. I left a comment to share my reflections on the #FutureOfTeaching. What do you think? Join our global community and share your perspective.

I just shared a few links related to the theme of X with the global community over on The Education Exchange – INSERT LINK to view the collection. What links to research and practice could you share? #FutureOfTeaching

There’s a global education community growing over on The Education Exchange. Join us to discuss and explore what matters in teaching. #FutureOfTeaching