What is the role of online and digital learning in education?

Now that you’ve explored global perspectives and research from educators by reading articles and watching videos, continue your journey with this theme by discussing your experiences and ideas with other educators globally.

As well as leaving your comments below, you may also like to share your views on the role of online and digital learning in education with the team at the Chartered College of Teaching so that your perspective can be shared with policy makers and other educators as part of our #FutureOfTeaching campaign.

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Rola Said
Rola Said(@rola-said)
1 year ago

It is important to keep in mind that “Pedagogy drives Technology”. We have to build capacity of teachers to be able to create an interactive and engaging online learning environment.

Reflect on your learning

Once you’ve taken time to engage in dialogue with our community, we invite you to record some reflections on your learning so far. What has resonated with you? What has challenged you? What would you like to explore further? What might you implement back in your context?