Online and digital learning

Connect with educators globally to explore the role of digital technologies now and in the future.

Hear from educators through articles and videos before entering discussions and sharing your reflections on the potential of digital technology in education, effective approaches to online and digital learning, rethinking assessment, developing pupils’ and teachers’ digital skills, access to technology, e-safety, e-safeguarding and data.

Online and digital learning activity 1: Learn

Start your journey with this theme by exploring global perspectives and research from educators and posting your own comments.

Continue your journey with this theme by discussing your experiences and ideas with other educators globally. 

Extend your journey with this theme by viewing and submitting links to useful practice and research for our community.

Deepen your journey with this theme by recording your learning and writing reflections about your community interactions. 

Conclude your journey with this theme by reading reflections from our global community and sharing your own perspectives.