The Education Exchange is an online global exchange of education research, experience, knowledge and ideas to deliver the best possible outcomes for children and young people. There are 5 themes for you to explore and each of these contain opportunities for you to learn, connect, link, reflect and share. 

This space contains guides to the various features available to you as a participant in The Education Exchange. Creating an account with us unlocks all of these features to support your learning and collaboration. If you haven’t yet created your account, click the button below to get started.


The content and activities across this site are categorised into 5 themes. Each of the themes has been chosen because we believe it holds relevance now and in the future for educators globally. By gathering educators to focus on these 5 themes, we hope to make the most of our collective knowledge, experience and practice whilst our differing perspectives can help us to approach a challenge or opportunity with fresh eyes. You may choose to engage with one theme that holds particular relevance for your context or you may wish to explore all 5 themes.


For each of the 5 themes across The Education Exchange, we have 5 different ways for you to engage with our community: Learn, Connect, Link, Reflect and Share. Each of these activities is designed to provide opportunities for engagement with high-quality research, discussion, collaboration and reflection with a global community of educators. Once you’ve chosen to focus on a theme that holds particular relevance for your context, you’ll be invited to engage with each of the activities in turn.


In the ‘Learn’ activity for each of the 5 themes, you’ll discover a range of written articles and videos representing a variety of educators’ voices as well as useful research summaries. We’ll be adding new perspectives  so check back regularly to discover what’s new on The Education Exchange.

When you’ve created an account and you’re logged in, you can bookmark items for access via your personal library. This can help you tailor your experience to your professional context and more easily navigate the wealth of learning content available to you.



For each of the 5 themes, there is a space for educators in The Education Exchange community to connect with each other; sharing their reflections, experiences and practice so that we can build our collective knowledge and understanding. 


For each of the 5 themes, we’re providing the opportunity to contribute to our community collections by sharing your recommended articles, videos, or resources. You can also view all the links submitted by the community that have been reviewed and selected for publication.



Take a moment to record your personal learning reflections as you engage with The Education Exchange. What has resonated with you? What has challenged you? What would you like to explore further? What might you implement back in your context? You can revisit and add to these notes regularly.

In your account, you’ll also find a space where you can also record your professional learning. You could choose to keep a record of your engagement with The Education Exchange: 1 hour spent reading, 15 minutes spent watching videos, 30 minutes in a discussion with colleagues for instance. You can also use the space to record any other professional learning you engage in such as courses, webinars and research.


We’re keen that The Education Exchange gathers as many global perspectives on the 5 themes as possible. We encourage you to share your reflections with our community by submitting a written or video reflection on the theme that holds most relevance for your context. These submissions will be reviewed by the team each month and your content may get chosen for publication.